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Services & eXperience

Xpedium delivers on both

Xpedium is a team of uniquely experienced executives in the broadband space, coming together to offer consultancy and services to the full-fibre sector.

From bootstrapping a new venture to re-imagining an existing market strategy, and from conceptual design through delivery to maintenance, Xpedium are here to help.

Market Strategy

Identifying the optimal niche for a new operator and quantifying the scale of opportunity are critical in the fast evolving fibre optic broadband market.

Draw on Xpedium’s unique combination of experience in the sector with demographic and spatial science to give your venture the edge.

Process Automation

From concept design to as-built information for maintenance, Xpedium has the team to help. Our data-driven approach achieves greater levels of automation than traditional tooling, and by leveraging machine learning and AI methods we can help you deliver unprecedented intelligence in your workflow.

Build Innovation

Xpedium doesn’t stop with back-office innovation. Our team can help drive innovation in the physical aspects of building fibre networks. Whether its new approaches to trenching or reinstatement to increase build speed, or a desire to reduce your carbon footprint and achieve higher levels of environmental sustainability, Xpedium can help.

Policy & Regulation

The main focus of any fibre operator must be on delivering network and customers but this is a regulated and fast changing sector. Xpedium can help you remain on top of structural changes in the market without being distracted.


Xpedium’s team have unrivaled first-hand experience in the full fibre market. Now we’ve come together to support new and existing operators, and the support supply chains that make delivering full fibre possible

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