Adrian Wooster Co-founder, Director

Adrian Wooster is a director and co-founder of Xpedium. He is a broadband strategist with over 25 years experience with a special focus on full-fibre and more widely Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband strategy.

In the long distant past Adrian Wooster had a background in network architecture, and loves nothing better than formulating or adapting strategy to differentiate and be ahead of the curve.

Having worked with a range of clients in public, private and community sectors including alternative operators, local and national governments Adrian, and most recently headed up the Strategy function within Gigaclear Networks, the UK’s largest rural broadband specialist.

His specialism is in how full-fibre markets evolve and how operators position themselves within their domestic markets, considering factors like geographic and demographic targeting for optimal market positioning, whether open access is the right approach for a given market strategy, and how product strategy can support that, wholesale and retail coexistence, and the support role Government policy and regulation can play.

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