Xpedium Concept Designs

Alongside Xpedium’s consulting work, we are also developing a number of services aimed at helping companies mobilise quickly and to draw together their existing tool chains into a seamless process from concept to maintenance.

The first of these is the concept design

There can be a difficult jump from understanding the market niche to having the optimal pipeline of plans to deliver. There are many very good automated design tools that take a list of properties, combine with mapping data and generate a fully formed network design.

However, these tools are often expensive to to use on speculative plans, when you’re at the stage of comparing the ballpark costs of many opportunities. 

Presented with a list of millions of candidate properties to build to, all meeting you’re general strategic definition, evenly spread across the country, how do you decide which ones have the optimal mix of demand and build costs without spending considerable time and money designing them all?

This is where a concept design comes in.

Xpedium have been quietly developing a quick, low cost solution that can generate a very fast solution that in a matter of minutes can generate a high-level design sufficient to compare all the permutations, enabling you to carefully select the optimal pipeline.

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