Xpedium’s Market Opportunity service

By understanding where others are building, and knowing if they are a threat or an opportunity is becoming increasingly critical.

Being able to formally describe the ideal customers, where they live, and how they are likely to react to a full-fibre opportunity is key to being able to identify the market niche, where it is and the scale of the market opportunity.

Beyond that, knowing how the market niche reacts to a new fibre opportunity helps to plot the customer journey, and reach out to customers in their preferred manner.

Combining that with an understanding of the service provider market in your chosen areas helps to shape whether a wholesale or retail play is optimal. 

  • For vertical retail operators, its defines the competition, and shapes the product strategy and messaging
  • For wholesale operators, it highlights which ISPs are the priority to on-board

This forms part of Xpedium’s growing range of services providing strategic support for full-fibre operators, their contractors and their investors.Xpedium Services